“When I started coaching with Phoenix, I was literally a mess. I was full of unwanted feelings that scared me. Very often I felt empty and I couldn’t imagine it changing. I had tried so much – from therapies to books and online workshops, but my problems kept coming back. Phoenix and her work changed my life. Accepting and embracing all parts of me was the start of a process that led to changes I could have never imagined. I am much more courageous, can stand up to people, am more capable to set boundaries, and find love and support in myself. Now I believe in my ability to change! And if I can, then so can you!”
-Nadine A. S.

“With Phoenix’s support, so much deep healing has emerged. I am witnessing my own metamorphosis into the person I’ve always wanted to be. Through Phoenix’s gentle and intuitive guidance, I am mothering my inner child in ways I always desired: to be held, seen and heard. Phoenix invites me into the dark places of my psyche. I have come to really enjoy her process of integrating those parts of myself I would normally rather avoid. As I embrace what I feared the most, gems are to be found, and a deeper wisdom shows up.”
– Tracy Griffiths

“I have done coaching and therapy in the past, but things changed only temporarily and on the surface. Then I met Phoenix who guided me to transform at the core. That changed everything. If someone had told me 6 months ago that I would be where I am now, I would have said: “Yeah, right! That is a nice dream, but it won’t happen.” I still can’t believe that with Phoenix that dream came true.”
F.J. (writer, educator)

“My experience with Phoenix has been exceptionally positive. She has helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and fears. You can absolutely see results from the first session with her. I have had several coaches, but I can say that she is the only one who was able to help me achieve more, in a shorter period.”
Nayla Milen (coach)

“I was very lucky to be coached by Phoenix. She really impressed me with her knowledge and great intuition. Her approach is clearly outstanding. Phoenix helped me drill down into my goals, navigate through tough personal challenges, and left me feeling positive.”
-Monika Edyta Ciereszko (personal development coach/Career advisor)

“Phoenix is an incredible coach. I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning. This turned out to be an amazing journey. Phoenix is incredible at what she does. I struggled so much with being decisive. Phoenix has taught me how to choose by reaching for answers within myself. I am not allowing perfectionism to get in the way of my goals anymore. I have come to trust myself, to stand for what I want, to let myself fail forward, and to love myself either way.”
-Deanne Jackson (visual artist)

“This is way deeper than I ever expected. I thought to find just some solutions to some of my problems. Instead, I went through a transformation on a deep level. I moved through layers of myself I didn’t know existed. I found that place inside of me where I have my own wisdom and insight. I learned how to heal my past and how to create my own future. Her multicultural approach helped me to find my own identity, my own roots. I can now stand strong in who I am.”
-Elizabeth Moore

“I have truly enjoyed and appreciated exploring my life’s journey with Phoenix. Whenever I am with her, I feel heard, and understood. Phoenix’s calm, intuitive and positive nature creates in me a sense that the answers I am seeking are all within me: I just need to allow life to unfold, to trust myself and to surrender to it. I appreciate her exercises and very poignant questions. Attending Phoenix’s sessions have given me confidence to move to the next phase in my life’s journey… Retirement!”
-Jacqueline Peters-Mines, Educator.